Kind Words

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I want to thank everyone for their kind words.  Remembering we are loved is personally challenging for me.   So thank you all.  I hope and pray to live a life of meaning, so knowing you enjoy my words is extremely special.

How do I do this, you may wonder?   As many of you know, I used a facilitated communication board to spell words I wanted to communicate for many years.  After over two years of gruelling efforts I can now touch type on my laptop keyboard.  It is hard but getting faster and more accurate every day. You are helping me understand the importance of sharing my thoughts.  Just kind words can shift a person’s mental outlook to a place of value, meaning, and understanding.  So please open your day with kind words to others as well as to yourselves.  I pray that this will move us all to see everyone as gifts to one another.  I am confident I received a bounty of gifts from your kind words you so generously expressed in your comments.

Your friend,


My first blog! Barris,my new Pal!

Isaac and Barris

Barris is my new pal.  I so much want to share my journey of getting my new service dog, Barris.  Just two short weeks ago, heaven shined down on my life and blessed me with my new pal.  Barris is helping me against all odds by opening my eyes to loyal friendship.  I enjoy having my partner to explore the world with.  Walking by his side brings me peace instead of anxiety.  I find dogs just have a great openness about them, hugs and pets are all they need .  I hope I  can create a life of joy and happiness for Barris.  I am calm with him in public places and find I don’t have to worry like before.  Where do I go?  What do I do?  He will tell me, so I don’t need to worry.  He is the best health aid I could acquire.  I hope you meet me on my next blog….

Your friend,

Isaac, The Iz-Man