I’m writing out of excitement for Stacia my Behavioral Therapist and pal whom I have worked with for over two years.  She is moving back to Sacramento to assist her family and I am so proud of her for her decision to do so.  She has made this years program comfortable with her kind and patient demeanor.  Together we have battled our way through tying shoes (I am a master now), household chores, running, and biking over our entire neighborhood.  She seemed to be the only one not afraid to go with me.  I know I don’t look like I know where I am going, but I assure you, I see more than you think.  Having such a positive support team is essential in healing our sensitive bodies.  I am not sorry she is leaving , just that she won’t be here every week.  I have found meaningful gifts like her are rare.  I see her a success at whatever she pursues.  Will I see her again?  Of course, but will she see me?  I just may be a different person the next time she sees me.  Healing is changing me.  Love is the only way to reach me, so the more I feel loved the more I want to reach out to the world.  Healing is just another word for moving on.  My world is not enough anymore, I am ready to move onto the next step.  Stay tuned life is just getting started for me.

Your friend,


6 thoughts on “MOVING ON”

  1. Keep up the good progress and we can’t wait to read all of your blogs! I’m already captivated by your superb storytelling and being able to get a glimpse in your mind. Keep it coming!
    JNP 👏


  2. Isaac, when I opened up my phone this morning, & your blog popped up about Stacia, I burst into tears of joy. To read you expressions meant so much to me. I only met Stacia a few times, but I can see why you two bonded. We really appreciate the time & help she gave to you! I believe you are not only helping yourself but also others with your blogs. Love you, grandma

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  3. I loved this post… It brought tears to my eyes. We are glad you learned so much from your time with her and that you are ready for a new chapter. Keep up the excellent work and can’t wait for your next post!!!!


  4. Isaac,

    I apologize for the late comment! Moving is always a lot more work than it seems. But I am finally settled in and looking forward to taking my next step as well 🙂 I am so happy to have been able to spend the last two years working with you. We made a great team, you and I. We challenged each other and by doing so we accomplished many things! You have such a great support system with your family and friends, and Barris and I cheering you along and I know you will succeed in whatever you set your mind to do. I miss seeing you and your family every week. I hope to come visit soon and see all of the progress you have made toward your goals.

    Keep blogging my friend! I love hearing your thoughts and all of the special things that are happening in your life. Thank you for your kind words and well wishes. And thank you for being you!!

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