Simple ThingsDear France,

I want to say how troubling to hear of the traumatic events you suffered recently.  I’m sorry for your lose of life and peace.  Please know that everyone is thinking of how to react.  We must remember fear is only paralyzing.  I quite literally know this for a certainty.  Open your hearts to love, even those who seek you harm,  and righteousness will prevail.  Sweet prayers are heard throughout the earth for an end to the injustice in the world today.  Soon these prayers will be answered on a global scale.  Until then, keep our faith in the only person who can provide true peace and justice for all, seeing people from all religious backgrounds and skin tones, as children of God who deserve being saved.


Your friend,




Things I Love About Life

Simple Things

Things I love about life are simple.  Good food and good company.  Understand, I love a good movie now and then, but replenishing your inner joy with the first two things,  there is little that compares.  More than our mind can imagine, simple things make us joyfull.  I most recently had a fun time over a friends house with my family.  It was great food, but more importantly, great pleasurable conversation.  Try having a friend or two over for a simple meal and some nice upbuilding conversation.  Let me know what you ate,of course, and how it made you feel to please others with open joyful hospitality.


Your friend,




Fun in the sun with Grandparents at San Clemente Pier, October, 2015.

I would like to take the opportunity to say some grateful words about people in my life.  First of all, everyone who has commented on my blog I would like to thank you for seeding hope in my heart.

Most of all, I want to thank my Grandparents for the love they show and have for me.  They loved me before I stopped speaking and have never stopped loving me the same since.  I am understood by my Grandparents without even uttering a word.  How can that be you might ask?  Each of us bonds with individuals who value us as intelligent beings.   Every person deserves to feel this from family and friends.   True understanding is so much more than words.  Understanding is seeing the soul of a person with eyes of love and compassion.  Understanding is an intelligent openness people inherently are created with, we just stop using our intelligence and let prejudice take over.  But my Grandparents are the greatest example of what true love really is.  I am loving more because of them.  I hope that something I say or do will inspire others as they have inspired me.  You are truly great, Papa and Grandma!

With gratitude and love,

Your Grandson, Isaac