Things I Love About Life

Simple Things

Things I love about life are simple.  Good food and good company.  Understand, I love a good movie now and then, but replenishing your inner joy with the first two things,  there is little that compares.  More than our mind can imagine, simple things make us joyfull.  I most recently had a fun time over a friends house with my family.  It was great food, but more importantly, great pleasurable conversation.  Try having a friend or two over for a simple meal and some nice upbuilding conversation.  Let me know what you ate,of course, and how it made you feel to please others with open joyful hospitality.


Your friend,


7 thoughts on “Things I Love About Life”

  1. Isaac, I appreciate your comment about simple things. They truly are the things that make us happy! That’s something we all have to work on in this materialistic world. We all need someone to share the simple things with. Hospitality is a great quality & your parents set a fine example for us! Love you, grandma


  2. Good food and good company – reminds me of Psalm 104:15! Wine makes the heart rejoice 🍷(you’re a little young for that part). Oil makes the face shine 😄 (extra-virgin olive oil). Bread sustains the heart of mortal man 🍞 (gluten-free, of course). Add some brothers and sisters, sounds like a great time ❤️


  3. Good food and good company are two of my favorite things! Can’t wait to share both with you when y’all are here later this month. I’m stocking up on garbanzo beans just for you! LOL

    Isaac, I have truly enjoyed reading all of your blogs. It has been so wonderful to get to know you better through this medium. You inspire me, and never fail to bring (happy) tears to my eyes every time I read a new entry. Please keep ’em coming! See you soon. 🙂

    Cousin-in-law Elaine


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