Simple ThingsDear France,

I want to say how troubling to hear of the traumatic events you suffered recently.  I’m sorry for your lose of life and peace.  Please know that everyone is thinking of how to react.  We must remember fear is only paralyzing.  I quite literally know this for a certainty.  Open your hearts to love, even those who seek you harm,  and righteousness will prevail.  Sweet prayers are heard throughout the earth for an end to the injustice in the world today.  Soon these prayers will be answered on a global scale.  Until then, keep our faith in the only person who can provide true peace and justice for all, seeing people from all religious backgrounds and skin tones, as children of God who deserve being saved.


Your friend,




3 thoughts on “REMEMBER WHO WE ARE”

  1. Hey Izman – we are loving your photo and words of wisdom. We are blessed to know the truth and remember the immense privilege we have to share it, especially when tragedy strikes. It is good to keep in mind that hope is the only thing stronger then fear. You, along with a great cloud of witnesses are proof of this. Love you through and through.


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  2. Isaac, your words were so comforting & compassionate for those who are suffering from tragedy in Paris. We all need reassuring words when bad things happen, especially do we need HOPE. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us! Grandma


  3. Hi Isaac,

    These horrible tragedies help put our life and troubles in perspective. We have a beautiful hope and privilege to share with others and its heartwarming to read your thoughtful expressions that share our hope that keeps our faith anchored.


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