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I recently received an email from my Aunt Nellie asking me questions about how I have adjusted to my new service dog, Barris.  She had just read an article about a man who had been blind from birth but grew up to be a successful business owner, husband, and father.  I too had read the experience in the November 15, 2015 Awake magazine, which featured a picture of this man with his service dog,  Dante.  The blind man admitted it was hard at first to entrust his safety to his dog.  But with the help of his dog he could go anywhere without the need for his wife to accompany him.  I don’t have the need for Barris to see for me, but he certainly has made it easy to trust him with my safety in public, which is often a confusing overwhelming place for me sound wise.  I  have always enjoyed dogs from a distance, but Barris has helped me understand body language of dogs and of people as well.  I am more redeemed when I am connected to others, rather than just focusing on the many different sounds around me.  Just like horses, I find Barris to be predictable, hard working, and loyal.  If we all felt safe walking around we would definitely be happier.  I know I am,  with my dog next to me.  I appreciate when articles are written about individuals who overcome a struggle in life with hard work, supportive family, and hope for a better world.  I am including the link for anyone who wants to read this amazing story.  I am grateful for people who encourage understanding for those with some sort of disability to be successful happy people regardless of being different.  I am different, and if this blind man can do it,  so can I.  I would like to say I am on my  way.  Just remember everyone is independent from judgement when everyone is viewed the same.

Kind Regards,


Thanks Aunt Nellie for your questions.  I love them.

Click on link to read the November 15,2015 Awake article “Living  Without Sight”.

“Living Without Sight”


  1. Hello Issac. My name is Tammy, I am Chris’ wife which is what your brother and sister called me, lol. My husband and I met your family yesterday when your father gave the talk at our congregation. We really enjoyed meeting you and your family yesterday (12/7/15). And thank you for having lunch with us after the meeting. I really enjoy meeting new people. And thank you for allowing us to blog with you. I am happy for your service dog. I have read some of your blog. Wow! I am truly encouraged by you. And I am glad that you are on your way. So I have a couple questions, if you don’t mind me asking? So how did you acquire your service dog? And did you need special training for handling Barris?



    1. Dear Tammy, I received my dog, Barris from CCI in Oceanside, CA, where I also received two weeks of special training. Request can be made online if you are thinking about your students. I highly recommend CCI. They breed special dogs for special people.
      Your friend,


  2. Look! I’m famous!! Just kidding. I feel so special that you mentioned me in your blog. Some day soon we will all feel safe walking around everywhere in the world. We certainly look forward to that, don’t we? I’m glad that Barris is helping you right now. We love you just the way you are, buddy. Love that you put the link to the article in this blog, too. Good work!!


  3. Isaac, aren’t we happy we can learn & be encouraged by another’s experience? i loved that article too! much can be accomplished by consistent effort. sometimes the blessings we receive are so much more than we could have imagined! one of my greatest blessings has been to be able to correspond with you in this way , so keep encouraging ALL of us! Love, Grandma


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