Sophia and Isaac

This is my sister,  Sophia.  She is such an artist, with paint and with personality.  She helps me so much in areas that I am weak.  Almost everyday she finds joy and happiness in the smallest things.  Things like catching a beautiful butterfly and then letting it go, or picking a flower and giving it to someone to make them feel special.  She brings light to so many people.  I enjoyed going to this lake with her as we chased ducks and watched them play and swim.  She is never shy or afraid of an adventure.  I love her enthusiasm for life.  She also is so interested in helping me with my weaknesses.  She even helps me with therapies and sees my life as one of purpose.

Everyone is unique in strengths and weaknesses.  It’s the combination and blending of these in friendships that make life so fascinating and enjoyable.  I enjoy people who are unique or even odd to some,  because they are not predictable and less boring.  Sophia is certainly not boring.  Those who are unique yet are integrated into society, in my opinion, we must treat them as gems, for that is what they are.  Everyone can take a little strength from their friends who are different, but not if your friends are all the same as you.  Under pressure to be accepted we sometimes pretend to be strong when in reality we are weak.  This robs us from the opportunity to rub shoulders with somone who could help us grow out of our weaknesses, to be stronger.  I cannot afford to pretend to be someone  I am not.  I need help with my weaknesses so I wouldn’t jeapardize that opportunity  for growth for a false sense of approval.

2nd photo Isaac and Sophia   My sister, Sophia, has certainly helped me see life as an exciting journey, revealing the beauty of friendship and acceptance of everyone.  She has taken an odd shaped “cake” like me, and artfully decorated me to be more appealing.  A true artist she is.  We may be just the ingredient someone around us needs to be more beautiful on the inside or out by just being who we are.   Sophia intelligently recognizes me as different, yet she loves me regardless of my limitations.  Not your average 7 year old sister.  To me,  she is priceless.  Just follow her example of meeting  the needs of others while being beautiful, genuine, and young, with only joy and happiness in view everyday.  We  just might open our lives to a little more light, like Sophia.

Sophia and ducks

Your friend,


11 thoughts on “A BRIGHT LIGHT”

  1. Isaac your insight is astonishing. You feel you have weaknesses. However, your strengths far outweigh any perceived leak of ability. Your precious sister is a gift to the world from Jehovah. You and your brother are equally gifted. I need to see you!!!!!!


    1. Isaac,
      I think that you are truly amazing, because with your weaknesses you say you have, you could be dwelling on them and fretting about everything that you have difficulty doing, however, you choose to dwell on the special abilities that someone else has and how they can strengthen you. To me you don’t see what you’re lacking but realize what precious gems that you possess that are inestimable. It’s not really about what people are doing for you. You can’t imagine what you’re doing for others. You truly are special. May Jehovah continue to bless your wonderful life.
      With much L❤️VE,
      George Werba


  2. Dearest Isaac,
    I love the way you appreciate your sister. She is a true gem💎 and so are you.
    You, Jude and Sophia bring so much joy to my heart when I see you in the hall. Now reading your story I am endeared to you even more. Siblings are a gift from Jehovah especially when we can all be united in worship to Jehovah! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.
    Love you gluten free😘


  3. Isaac, you certainly described your sister, Sophia, well! we see all those good qualities in her too! you & Jude set a good example for her as big brothers, treating each other with approval, acceptance, & appreciation. You three are precious to us! Love, Grandma


  4. Hello Issac. I truly enjoy reading your blog. You are such an encouragement and your writing is so eloquent. However it is your love for your sister that stands out. siblings are such a blessing form our wonderful father Jehovah. I am sure she is as happy to have you as you are to have her. May Jehovah continue to bless you and your family.


  5. Wow Isaac!! It is so nice to see the presence of the wonderful quality of love in your family! Sophia is definitely a gem, and every member of your family is too! Every convention and assembly I am thrilled to see you and your wonderful family, since you all bring light to the lives of others. You are definitely following our Heavenly Father Jehovah’s example of love, and it is so encouraging to me. Reading your blogs has given me a beautiful perspective on others and how much of a difference we can make, if we show love to one another. Thank you sooo much for being such an inspiration! Looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful family soon! 🙂 🙂


  6. Isaac,
    You’re words are very poetic and beautiful. The words you speak are truly touching to the heart. You sister Sophia is a truly a gift, and you can see the appreciation in your words. You and Jude are unique people as well. You are full of energy and you tend to make me laugh. Miss you all. Hope to see you soon.


  7. I love your comments about appreciating all kinds of friends, even if they have “different” personalities! 😄 Grandpa Mike and Grandma Terri were so good at that! We always had people visiting that may have been considered eccentric by others, but they were just part of the family to us. Some of them even lived with us! Your grandparents really encouraged all of us to be unique individuals, too, and I can see that spirit lives on in your family.


    1. I love to hear stories about Grandpa Mike and Grandma Terri. I miss them both very much. I am grateful to have been around them as a young child. you remind me of Grandma Terri so much. i love that. I am looking forward to laughing with you and your great sense of humor. Love, Isaac


      1. Isaac. You are very inspiring. I am your friend Teti’s great Aunt. Nancy. She posted about how much of a friend you are. The sweet story of the love you have for your sister Sophia is so inspiring. You are very encouraging to all who read your wonderful stories. Thank you so much. Your theocratic sister. Nancy L


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