IMG_1148   I recently took my first flight with Barris, my service dog, to visit my Grandparents in Oklahoma.  It was flawless.  I am confident without my special friend we would have missed our flight.  Thanks Barris!


January is a busy month as we are a trying to move.  I am excited to be moving back to the ocean.  I know Barris will love walking on the trail.  I am realizing a lot that where you choose to spend your time  says a lot about what kind  of life you live.   I love the ocean as it is calming to watch and to listen to.  I think it is like music for the soul to dance with in your mind.  Everyone needs to dance the rhythm of life in some way,  whether it’s to the rhythm of the wind in the trees or the open plains.  I find too many people are choosing to occupy their thoughts with other peoples motions like tv or movies.  It doesn’t make sense to hear the rhythms of life via intellegent masterminds of media.  I want everyone to slow down and find their own rhythm of life to dance to.  It is beautiful and personal and love.