IMG_1148   I recently took my first flight with Barris, my service dog, to visit my Grandparents in Oklahoma.  It was flawless.  I am confident without my special friend we would have missed our flight.  Thanks Barris!


January is a busy month as we are a trying to move.  I am excited to be moving back to the ocean.  I know Barris will love walking on the trail.  I am realizing a lot that where you choose to spend your time  says a lot about what kind  of life you live.   I love the ocean as it is calming to watch and to listen to.  I think it is like music for the soul to dance with in your mind.  Everyone needs to dance the rhythm of life in some way,  whether it’s to the rhythm of the wind in the trees or the open plains.  I find too many people are choosing to occupy their thoughts with other peoples motions like tv or movies.  It doesn’t make sense to hear the rhythms of life via intellegent masterminds of media.  I want everyone to slow down and find their own rhythm of life to dance to.  It is beautiful and personal and love.







4 thoughts on “THANKS BARRIS!”

  1. I absolutely agree with you Isaac. Nothing calming, like the ocean waves hitting against the shore. I am sad you all are moving away so very soon, but I know I will see you again. I will miss you all terribly because I looked forward to hanging out with all of you, whether we took an afternoon walk around the neighborhood with Barris and your siblings, as well as watch a good, funny movie like Madagsascar, and snack on a yummy healthy snack. I hope your move back in south county isn’t too stressful. I even you miss you all now, even though you’re right down the street from me. Love you all very much, and may Jehovah be with you all.


  2. I’m excited that you’re moving back near the ocean! 🌊You were ALWAYS a water baby – I have pictures of our families together at the beach when you were just a newborn. (Your mom took a hilarious picture of me that day, too 😂) You grew up near the water, thanks to the great little house in Fenwick that your family had. Then when we first visited you in California and saw you in the water, we knew that you would feel at home there, too. Going back with Barris will be a BLAST!! 🐶 Can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks 😍


  3. A young man after my own heart!!! That’s why if I were given a choice where to live, it would be Barbados because you are always near the ocean. When I visited many years ago for the 1st time while staying at the Almond Beach Village resort, the Kingdom Hall was a short walk down the beach from the rear of our room RIGHT ON THE OCEAN!!!! Awww, it truly was a taste of paradise and very calming. Jehovah knows my heart’s desire. I am glad you had Barris with you, too. Pray for our winterized friends on East Coast.


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