Many friends of mine are well aware of Oklahoma people and their way of friendship.  I love the way people from that part of the country make you feel.  Knowing quick friendships are near impossible for me, I am researching ways to make real friends.  An article I recently read suggested to make a list of three qualities that you  would value in a friend.  Here are my three:

  1.  Fun and funny.  I love a good sense of humor.
  2.  Patient.  They will need a lot of patience when communicating with me.
  3.  Love the outdoors.  I feel so calm and myself while in nature.

The article then asked you to list what three qualities YOU bring to the friendship. I find this part most challenging.  I am humbled to think of how little I am offering in the way of friendship.  I will still try:

  1.  I can be funny or so I am told.
  2. I am knowledgble of many languages and book knowledge.  I can be handy when playing trivia games.
  3. Kind.  I am kind in my words and with my affections.

I can see these things I bring to the table are frequently interests of my own.  I see now that what I want, must be similar to what I am offering in return.   I am working to make my list more substantial.

My mom once had my Dad and I write down three things we wanted from each other and were not getting.  Then after we had compiled our list, she proceeded to instruct us to give those very things we wrote to the other person.  You can imagine my surprise when I then had to find honor, respect, and patience on my list of things to express to my Dad.  It did seem to help with our view of one another considering our list were almost identical.

I am humbled when I reflect on the friends I have on this blog.  I expected so much less and I am grateful.  Friendships are much like your favorite foods.  You love them,  knowing they will always satisfy you and always look forward to seeing them appear again. But variety is always a pleasure.  I once was on an eight day rotation diet and although I missed some of my favorite foods, it forced me to try others, which I surprisingly found satisfying and healthy.  Maybe we should all try a rotation friendship diet.  See how many new different friends we can make and see if we do not enjoy this variety of personalities.  It may make us appreciate our “pasta and pesto” friends a little more while we get to try a little borscht.

Link “How To Make Real Friends”







My parents surprised me with this new swing chair for the backyard. I love it!


I am so happy to be typing again.  I am settling into our new house.  I would compare the process to a new pair of shoes.  You love them so much and you know they will take you to the places you want to go but it takes a little while to get broken in.   I love the trail and the backyard.  I can really ponder and meditate in the quiet space.  I am so happy for my family also.  Everyone seems to love it as much as me, including Barris. I am grateful for my parents always looking for me to endure with joy and not with sadness.   All of our lives are teaming with blessings no matter how small or great.  The past two weeks has made me appreciate all that goes into moving.  I don’t want to move again anytime soon.

I am perplexed at some parents and how they give so much to their job, mostly for their kids, when all their kids want is the presence of their parents.  I would expect that parents are only imitating their parents.  More than imitating their parents, I think they do what they believe worked well for them.  But unfortunately, what worked 20 years ago doesn’t always work today.  I don’t know how parents do it.  I think about what kind of Dad I would be and I am humbled.  Keep trying your best, knowing your best is good enough.  Your kids will know you love them and they will be more understanding.  I can see my parents in both sets of my Grandparents.  I know they did their best and I love them for it.  I only pray we kids see our parents as kids, just like us, who are parenting younger kids.  I will see my parents with a little more honor this week.  Thanks Mom and Dad!


                                           MOM AND DAD