My parents surprised me with this new swing chair for the backyard. I love it!


I am so happy to be typing again.  I am settling into our new house.  I would compare the process to a new pair of shoes.  You love them so much and you know they will take you to the places you want to go but it takes a little while to get broken in.   I love the trail and the backyard.  I can really ponder and meditate in the quiet space.  I am so happy for my family also.  Everyone seems to love it as much as me, including Barris. I am grateful for my parents always looking for me to endure with joy and not with sadness.   All of our lives are teaming with blessings no matter how small or great.  The past two weeks has made me appreciate all that goes into moving.  I don’t want to move again anytime soon.

I am perplexed at some parents and how they give so much to their job, mostly for their kids, when all their kids want is the presence of their parents.  I would expect that parents are only imitating their parents.  More than imitating their parents, I think they do what they believe worked well for them.  But unfortunately, what worked 20 years ago doesn’t always work today.  I don’t know how parents do it.  I think about what kind of Dad I would be and I am humbled.  Keep trying your best, knowing your best is good enough.  Your kids will know you love them and they will be more understanding.  I can see my parents in both sets of my Grandparents.  I know they did their best and I love them for it.  I only pray we kids see our parents as kids, just like us, who are parenting younger kids.  I will see my parents with a little more honor this week.  Thanks Mom and Dad!


                                           MOM AND DAD







6 thoughts on “THE MOVE IS OVER”

  1. Isaac, I am so happy for you living near the ocean. So calm & relaxing. Your parents are always looking out for you & your happiness! But at the same time , you bring happiness & joy to them and also to your siblings, and to your Grandparents! Can hardly wait to see your new home & walk on the trail with you. Love, Grandma


  2. Isac! I found the blog, your mum told me where to find it again. Definitely following! I just love it, it’s so uplifting and pure. I can tell it’s from your heart. Can’t wait to read more. Love, Paris


  3. Hello Issac. I enjoyed this blog and especially your illustration about the new shows. It is so true! I hope the adjustment has continued to go well for you. You have awesome parents and your an amazing family. Love you all!
    Your friend, Leila T


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