I recently moved into a new house and I really love it, yet I struggle with getting out of the way of my own success.  Much of my day is spent eagerly looking forward to typing.  I mostly enjoy the process of thoughts flowing smoothly into words that resonate with people.  Only people have the ability to respond to readings such as a blog.  I wish I could blog Barris’ thoughts.  Oh wouldn’t that be touching and humorous at the same time?  What makes us innately so different than animals?  I have wondered this not from an evolutionary standpoint but more from a thinking analytic standpoint.  I openly express my belief in God and a Creator, yet I still ponder these questions.  I am perplexed at this question, mostly because so many of us never take the time to ponder answers to the questions we do not already know the answers to.  I suggest we let nature answer us with its high hum of wisdom.  Open your eyes and ears to what the birds tell you.  I am still in awe of the melody they sing everyday.  Pondering over their purpose of such joy in song, I wonder, am I living as I am supposed to?  I might know how I am living, but how I was meant to live may surprise me.

I would love to travel in space.  I would love to design my own intergalactic transport.  It is possible if our minds can dream it.  Our minds are windows into the future.  What is your future?  I wonder about mine a lot.  I just keep praying for answers and taking one positive step everyday trying to see the future as a safe and purposeful one.  I am confident I get answers to my prayers not just in life but also in my thoughts about my future.  This requires dismissing negative thoughts that seem to be told as reality, yet are only lies and deception.  In my case, it is “you are not smart” or “you don’t get it do you?”.  For others it may be “you are not worthy” or “you are not loved”.  But those are all lies.  We are as successful as we believe we are.  If we believe we are valuable, then we live a life of value.  If we are purposeful, we live a life with purpose?  Reflect on your life now and if you are not satisfied ask yourself , “What do I need to change?”.  It may just be our attitude.  Growing up in a world full of bullies and criticism isn’t always a day at the beach.  Yet, we can just put our minds at the beach when those thoughts or people try to bring our thoughts down.  Understanding our future really helps us stay positive.

I am personally finding great joy and satisfaction from writing about things I am passionate about.  What are your passions?  I enter a new field when I hear beautful music by Mozart or great composers like him.  Sweet streams of water also make my mind stream away from painful sounds.  I hear birds chirping right now and I am sure they are telling me to join them outside on this beautiful day.

In this day and time we all must see ourselves living not like we have in the past but one step in the right direction towards the life of our dreams.

Everyday ,or on every reality of a day ,we need to live with purpose.  I am still finding my full potential as I am confident I have not fulfilled my full purpose yet.  I have a 92 year old Grandma and she still lives with purpose and that is wonderful!

Everyone needs great moments to look forward to.  I need it just like you.  What will we do to make greatness happen?  I wonder if I were the way I was meant to be, would I be that much different or better?  Better as far as communicating with my mouth not my laptop, maybe.  But somehow I think I am better as a result of my extra mile or two added to my marathon of life.  It is only a race to finish, not against the world.  I am confident each of us can finish our race of living with purpose if we just never give up!

I hiked on the trail in our neighborhood today and saw whales migrating from where I was standing.  I can only say we are blessed to even observe such living creatures.  May all of us reach our full potential one step at a time.

Your friend,


My buddy, Barris




10 thoughts on “ONE STEP AT A TIME”

  1. Isaac, just read your latest blog to your 92 year old Great Grandma. Her comment was, “How does he write that way?” She wanted to thank you for mentioning her! I could see the joy on her face. You bring joy & encouragement to many people with your well thought out words! You are so right about when we go through trials, we become a better person, more kind, loving & even better with our words. Like you said, one step at a time! Love, grandma


    1. I am not the only good writer in the family, you are so encouraging to me Grandma. Thank you for being so supportive. One step at a time is the way to lasting success. More to come…


  2. Issac, I’ve been writing for a few years now. However I have an editor to sort out the thoughts. Your writing is positive, encouraging and most importantly you give a little of yourself every time you write. Love it . Cant wait till next month!


  3. Isaac,
    I am profoundly touched by your description of life, love, family and the beauty that resignates within. So it’s no surprise to me to say I am so anxious to know you and to meet Barris and I will look forward to reading your blog because you simply make me smile and I thoroughly enjoy your expressive way with words. What a gift!



      1. We thanked Jehovah for bringing you and your family to us. We are the ones who feel truly honored, Isaac. You wait and see. I want to learn and master! Be patient with me. Smile.

        Can’t wait for another evening together!


  4. Such beautifully put! You are definitely right, the very moment we have the confidence and faith in ourselves, is the very moment we can do anything. Thank you so much for continuing to inspire me to improve and never lose positivity 🙂


  5. Issac I can’t even describe how great of a writer you are and how intelligent you are. I am so glad that you recognize those things as the lies that they are and continue to achieve your goals and dreams. I know that Jehovahs blessing are upon you and that always helps us to keep a positive outlook. Can’t wait u till we can all finish this race together!


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