Isaac Barris

I have been reflecting on what real love means.  I am sure that love is the highest power of the universe.   I love the way it feels when I receive it.  I wonder what the paradise the Bible describes will FEEL like to have love without limits.  I see animals and people often limit themselves in receiving love because of fear.  Remove the fear and you have love without limits.

I am only a small person in this world but I certainly know the feeling of love and am convinced that any problem, big or small, can be remedied with it.  Jealousy can rob us of joy and prevent us from seeing the love that is right in front of us.  Jealousy is the root of so much pain.  I can be jealous sometimes of little kids who are learning to speak out of their mouths with so little effort.  I then start to unfavorably compare my ability to speak with my mouth and joy eludes me.

Isaac sitting with BarrisKnowing the future is bright with much promise and hope will give us the positive gratitude needed to win in the battle of our minds and negative influences.  I am challenging all my readers to list three things they are grateful for and send me their comments.  You will encourage yourself with the positive thoughts and also encourage all who read them.

Personally how do you live without limits?  My “easy going” personality is “ok” sometimes,  but I need more “oomph” to motivate me to accomplish more in a day or a typing session.  How do you take what you need and get rid of what you have too much of?  Undertones of what we need are often reflected in the friends or mates we choose.  I am opposite of so many people so I can choose from a smorgasbord of different strengths in people around me.  Nonetheless, breaking the cycle of old habits can be hard.  I only hope I can find a life with out limits in my own wishes and desires, which form my tomorrow.  In regards to our weaknesses, our minds seem to have little restrictions to the amounts we think about.  But somehow the thoughts of a life without limits seems impossible or even naive.  How deceiving this world has jaded our hopes and dreams.

In this world small changes can often have gigantic results.  I remember when I was creeping and crawling everyday to retrain and organize my brain.  The changes in my brain  seemed nonexistent at the time, yet later became evident it was substantial.  I wouldn’t change one meter of that program.  In fact, I have often thought about doing it again to see what results I would get now.    In this world, effort is rewarded by intention.  If intention is pure , then the result is usually positive, even though it may not be evident in the way or time you expected it.  Companies and brains are similar in that it requires management in each department, with our goals managed and met. The real key is to constantly set new levels of goals that push the limits to a place that feels as if you have none.  I would call that a successful operation.  I have had to have a complete restructuring of certain areas of my brain.  Others have had to be replaced with new CEO’s as the previous vision was too limited.  I still need some true internal restructuring in my brain.  People so often only see what is on the outside, so it is up to us to know what needs adjusted and motivated on the inside.  Will peaceful open words leave us motivated to live life without limits in regards to love?  I hope so.  I am trying to remove limits for myself everyday.

I am grateful for the life IIMG_1888 have and long for the day when we can live a life without limits.




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