Soaking up the stillness of peaceful Alaska at Columbia Glacier on the Lulu Belle

How do you describe a place that makes you feel so connected to yourself and the world surrounding you?  Paradise!   Even in this world full of distractions, our minds can connect to raw nature in Alaska.  Under such peace and freedom from the negative hum of media, we can actually connect at a time when everyone is yearning to disconnect from their devices.  I love technology, as it makes it possible for me to type this blog.  We live at a time and in an environment dictated by social media. I have been spending years to improve my social skills and yet society is moving in the opposite direction.   Social media trains people to rely on typed words to communicate without actual personal interaction.  I can speak from experience that an emptiness is left in or souls when this is left to stand alone in our relationships.  In some ways you would think this would make it easier for me, yet I wonder is this the direction of elevated humanity?

I am almost sure we are stifling the natural bond the world has known until now. How do we embrace this change in technology and still stay connected as humans?  We must think of solutions before it is a lost art of  personal emotional interaction.  Ways to stay connected are families who play, eat, and pray together.  I love cards, games, and love to eat.  All is well when everyone feels loved and accepted and this is not always conveyed thru typed words. So let’s take some time everyday and talk personally to the ones we love.  We can still stay connected. I am not sure we can continue to stay connected as we were created to be if we don’t.




She keeps me connected!
Hiking the Exit Glacier in Alaska
The Crew on our trip of a lifetime!

12 thoughts on “Connected”

  1. I love that isaac. Wonderful blog. I hope to seeyou all very soon. Larry was always so proud of you. In the new world there will be so much for you both to do as perfect worshippers of Jehovah. I hope you are able to reach your goal of baptism this assembly. Keith and Shirley are so excited for you. Hope to see you all in October.


  2. Isaac, WOW, what a witness you gave for the Creator in expressing your feelings toward connecting with nature & people! That’s how we were created, to love & be loved! You know, the good times we remember are the times we spent with the ones we care about. That trip to Alaska has made all of us appreciate the future paradise even more. All I can say is ” thank you, Isaac for being who YOU are!” Love, Grandma


    1. I Agree! With Isaac and Shirley 🙂 We have so much to continue to hope for and look forward to! And we will have the time and privilege that we need to talk, play, pray, and love one another in that real life, in perfection :)…. I just can’t wait Isaac!


  3. Can’t get enough of these pictures! So beautiful and relaxing to gaze at nature. I agree with you about the technology thing. We especially don’t like it when people do that in restaurants instead of just having a nice conversation with each other and enjoying their meals. We sure love it when we make you laugh when we’re having a conversation. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love you!😘


  4. Iz-man! Awesome pics! Isn’t it so cool to be that close to something that shows how powerful Jehovah is? Super happy that you have such a loving family that you can experience those times with.
    Keep up the blog, it lets us all see what you see/feel/think.
    Love ya


  5. I really appreciate your comments. As a parent I struggle with allowing my children to benefit from technology but keeping it in its place. I also find myself distracted by it. I long for the new world where we will perfectly use all resources. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Dear Isaac
    Thank you for your comments on being connected. It is true that we can be with people but not really communicating and leave feeling lonely. You have insight and have a gift of expressing yourself. I hope to improve in these areas. I’m looking forward to your next post🏔


  7. This is very encouraging Isaac! Technology is a distraction and we tend to drift away from the most important things: the beautiful sights Jehovah gave us and family communication. Something most don’t appreciate, thank you for these encouraging posts.
    -Your friend Brenda.


  8. Isaac, I am so deeply touched by your divinely beautiful mind and heart. I hung on every word. Lots of “ah-hah” moments. You’re so courageous to reveal your unique insights to us all. I’m honored that my son, Manny chose YOU to be the first person he “Touch Talked” to. He said, “He’s cool!”. Manny nailed it! Indeed, you are very very COOL. Thank you, for all your hard work in the past, present and future. In doing so, you have become a wealth of knowledge to those who come after you, so that their lives may also be much improved. We are excited for what the future holds in getting to know you and your equally beautiful family better. Please, keep writing… we’re listening with hearts and minds wide open.


  9. Isaac, thank you for sharing your posts on your blog. Rosy and I only met you for a few days in August but we immediately felt the loving welcome from you and your family. I enjoyed reading your blog as we can see how much you appreciate Jehovah’s creation. It is also true that technology is a distraction at times. We need to stop and smell the roses some times. Your words do just that. They make me stop and think about Jehovah and his future promises. I wish we could have stayed longer and get to know you even more.
    Your brother and sister,
    Lucio & Rosy


  10. You know Isaac I read that blog from Alaska too quickly. It was so short that I concluded it wasn’t so deep. Funny how your frame of mind changes depending on the mood and things invading your thoughts. Really thoughtful provoking words in just a couple paragraphs. I want to sit today and just visit for a while with you mom brother and sister today, no tv no iPad just chill, no background humm, interrupting texts, nada niente.
    Stir me boy.


  11. Hi Isaac, I enjoyed this blog because I often think about technology and how it separates so many today. Words actually spoken to few mean more than typed messages sent to many. One day, I hope to share words with you, face to face in perfect conditions where you can share these thoughts without technology. Smile.



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