img_9525As we move on to different stages in our growth, maturity and possibilities, we at some point have to decide who we want to be and what we stand for.  There is much controversy today over our rights and what or who we pledge our allegiance to. So much so that we understand what we say and do reflects our deepest allegiance. Everyone expresses this in some form or another whether consciously or subconsciously.  Work, money, power, greed, notoriety, or government, all claim a place for our allegiance. What have you claimed by your actions and life to be yours?

Not everything is worth our allegiance.  I must confess the only thing truly worthy of such action is the Creator of all things.  Other than our God Almighty, what must we pledge our lives and very existence to?  Just recently I was honored to express my dedication to live my life in support of the highest power and one who governs with love, justice, power, and wisdom.  I have wanted to do this for several years.  When you are not talking you tend to listen keenly and observe much. To my special circumstances I am grateful to be able to make my own decision.  If you are not sure who you give allegiance to,  just think of what you spend the most time and energy on and what you think about all the time.  I am often thinking about the future when I will not have the struggles I have today.  I try my best everyday to reach attainable goals and leave the rest to faith in a better world ahead thru the rule of God’s kingdom.  Doesn’t require tests or pills,  just loyalty and faith. Doing is equal to reality in our belief.  What do I mean?  Our lives reflect what is important to us.  So we may claim something is important but what are we doing?

I don’t know anything more trustworthy than to ally with the Creator of all things.  No one is more deserving nor more powerful than the designer and the former of all things that exist (Rev. 4:11).  My outward expression of full allegiance is my decision and based on much study and thought.  Not so easy for someone like me to do, but I did it,  and I am happy and grateful and feel I have purpose.

Jehovah God, our Creator and Almighty being,  has the ability to see our potential despite our limitations.  He is the “God of all comfort” (2 Cor. 1:3,4), and who doesn’t need comforted?    All of you who encouraged me and came to support me whether physically, virtually, or in spirit, I thank you.

You have helped me reach an important milestone in my life.  It is just the beginning…



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16 thoughts on “Allegiance”

  1. Hi Isaac! This is Gianna. I started reading you’re blog posts fairly recently. I am moved by your love for Jehovah, and I am so happy that you do not let this temporary physical condition define your life. Paradise and perfection is just around the corner! Keep up the good work.

    Love, your friend and sister,


  2. Isaac, Jehovah knows of your heartfelt dedication and allegiance to him. Now you have the opportunity to express publicly your dedication. You are amazing. Love Ronna


  3. Isaac, what you just accomplished is amazing! I’m sure one day I will be reading about your experience in the magazine! Just shows YOU can reach your goals. Just do your best & let JEHOVAH do the rest! Marcus Houston, an actor & singer was baptized just before you were. He said, he was happy with his life, now that JEHOVAH was in the driver’s seat . I liked the comment from the sister about it being a temporary disability. Very soon, relief, & I know you believe that! Makes me so happy! Love you, Grandma


  4. Hi Isaac,
    Really proud of you for making this so very important decision. You are a good example of appreciation for what Jehovah God has done for mankind. Thanks for sharing. Your friends from far, Rosy and Lucio


  5. Isaac I’m so proud of you
    You’ve set a wonderful example of not letting anything stop you from reaching your goals. I’m so glad you are my brother in the faith. Keep up the good work.
    Much Love


  6. There were many tears of joy shed on your baptism day, Isaac, by myself and others in our congregation. What an outstanding reply you give to Satan’s taunts about humans serving Jehovah! I am also happy to hear about you expanding your ministry in October. I would like to learn about the ways in which you carry out your ministry.


  7. Isaac, congratulations! We are all so proud of you, but most importantly, Jehovah is. It’s so hard to believe you are so grown up now. It seems like just a few years ago you were a little boy in our congregation (Penny Hill), and now you are almost a man. Keep up the good work, and may Jehovah continue to bless you in your dedicated life to him.


  8. Hi Isaac!
    Though we did not officially meet, I saw you briefly yesterday when your father gave a talk in our congregation. I was moved by your faith strengthening comment there and determination to not allow communication barriers to impede your praises to our Father.
    Jehovah has given you remarkable cognitive functionality, albeit at tremendous cost, yet the fact that you are still using that ability for kingdom interests, in my opinion, is remarkable and inspiring. Congratulations on your public display of dedication!
    I draw comfort, and I hope you do as well, that our loving Creator is the only one who truly understands us. He knows our feelings, thoughts, intentions, background, situation and most importantly he knows exactly what we individually need. (Psalm 145:19) I am looking forward to the time when Jehovah blesses and satisfies all of your desires!!
    Your Friend and Brother,
    Jonathan Ramos


    1. i am grateful to read such beautifully written words of encouragement. Let our love express our gratitude by encouraging others as you did with this comment. Thank you Jonathan.


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