Hope and faith while together are strong

Without endurance we will never belong.

We swing in and out of danger within our heads

Yet we only find the world wishes us dead.

We wake up everyday wanting to fly  away peacefully as a dove

Yearning for acceptance and love.

Even the wee little dragonfly draws a beautiful  picture of focus in flight

Envious I spin and sputter  with words I still fight.

Call me crazy and lazy you can

Very opposite is the truth at hand.

I will honor your strength and might

Yet words from my mouth is what is not in your sight.

I am dreaming of a time when I can be

The person who speaks and is set free.

Until then, I will listen as others reach the goals of my dreams

Knowing my time is near, just you wait and see.

Isaac Dzama

November 29,2016





8 thoughts on “VENGEANCE”

  1. Isaac, loved that poem. Those expressions helps all of us to recognize just how you feel! I truly admire your faith & Hope! That’s all we need to get us to that place we long to be! Soon, we will all experience the Real Life. You are so on the right path of reaching that goal. Just a little while longer, so hang on. In the mean time help all of us to endure by keeping those Blogs coming! Love, Grandma


  2. This is a beautiful poem Isaac. I too look forward to the day I can hear you speak. Evidence suggests that time is very close. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Dear Isaac,
    You are very creative and expressive. I also like the photos you choose. Your poetry says more than most of us say in an audible conversation
    🎆Thank you


  4. Hello Isaac, This is Jan Martin from Delaware. I found your blog and am totally blown away by you! Firstly, I’m hoping you remember us, Dennis, Aiyani And me. We haven’t seen each other since you moved to CA. You and your family have been in our hearts each and every day as have your grandparents, Keith and Shirley. Isaac, I had no idea you had this blog up and running and I’ve been sitting here over an hour catching up with all that you’ve written and just loving ever word. And the pictures! Just marvelous. Isaac, please share my love with your family. I’m looking forward to the day we can all be together again!


    1. I remember how kind you And Dennis are. I think without you guys we may have never made it to California. Know we love you and miss you. I remember your family room was one of my favorite places to hang out. Come and see us when you can. Love, Isaac


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