Tidal Pools at Victoria Beach

When we start to desire something strongly we begin to obsess over obtaining it.  Like when I want a bowl of potato chips, you better get out of my way!  We often need a similar impulse desire to drive us forward to get a head start on reaching our goals.  After the desire is not fulfilled, we must then create some kind of endurance or our tendency is to give up.  Why do we loose such momentum when we do not get immediate satisfaction?

Everyone is susceptible to this cycle of defeat.  Why not see it as just that, and choose another cycle.  One that requires patience and faith, but the payoff is well worth it.

I am seeing life has many choices,  yet the masses seem to make the same mistakes over and over.  How to break the pattern of failure has been allusive for centuries if not thousands of years.  Getting solutions is not easy.   Everyone is the captain of their own ship and that can be empowering if embraced to move forward.

img_4055Moving forward takes endurance because without endurance we could move backwards and find ourselves farther away from our dreams. Doing what we set out to do, especially when it is pleasing to our Creator of all good things, we are energized with great purposeful thinking.  We then find our goals start to be achieved with less effort and more joy.

When I am at the ocean I often see each wave delivering me more endurance and focus.  I love to do this because this rhythm and power reminds me of the innate power of endurance.  The ocean is a picture of relentless endurance.  I don’t think it’s goal is to help me remember endurance, but it certainly is a great gift of picturing myself with similar power.  It’s waves wane to no one or to nothing.

Helping myself is not easy so endurance is a must.  So let’s do this!  Waves of success are coming in by the sets, most of which are never grasped.  Let’s catch a wave or two. There is plenty of success for us all.

Your friend,