Sweet sounds of music echo upstairs as my siblings practice for their music lesson.  Each of their skills are amazing.  I see one day my siblings playing songs I have composed.  I start  to dream when I hear music.  Nothing else inspires me more than lyrics and music seeking emotional connection.  Each ear must dance  opening with enticement and anticipation of the next note. How is it we are able to experience such audible joy?

Just try to sit and listen to your favorite music and see how it makes you feel.  I hope you are moved to be grateful and joyful and alive.  If not, maybe you need to widen out in your music choices.

Music is vibrations that please our personal tastes.  Our taste often reflect what state we are in or what we desire to be in.  My mom loves happy songs that make her want to get up and dance.  I love it when she dances with me.  My sister, Sophia, is a natural dancer who presents you with a gift  in every move.  So what music moves you and why?  I personally love Mozart.  He is genius at combining notes in an unexpected quick way right to the ears and heart.  His combination of Fibonacci rhythms keep me intrigued the most.  Under different circumstances I would definitely compose music.  I feel that every great movie is enhanced by the musical score.  Even the trees dance to the sound of the wind.  I love to watch the hummingbirds flutter to the sound of their own wings.  Musical sounds are interesting as some create a sense of sorrow or fright, while others stretch your mind to a place in your past or inspire you to picture yourself in a dreamscape.  Only music can inspire your imagination to this level with a few notes played in perfect complimentary sequencing.  Everyone connects to music whether they play an instrument, sing, dance, or simply tap their feet to the beat.  What music best describes us as a person?  I will stick to Mozart as his music is a bit whimsical yet intense and precise, and in my opinion, genius.  Will music inspire you today?  It will if you listen with joy and appreciation for the gift of music in our lives. Whether animal or instrument, all is waiting for us as the conductor to start the orchestra!



7 thoughts on “Music”

  1. You have such a wonderful way of expressing your thought and opinions. All your blog posts are interesting and a pleasure to read 😊


  2. Isaac, loved your Blog on music! You’re right, music does stretch our minds to a place in the past or Future. When I hear “It’s A Wonderful World”, I see our Family on vacation in Vermont on that scenic drive listening to that song! You were only two and a half. I can see you one day composing Beautiful Music at a time when all will appreciate music even more. 🎼🎹


  3. Man…you are deep. Music stirs my soul. Our theocratic New songs are especially delightful. One or two of them are affectionately and rhythmically called MY JAMS. I so appreciate the Governing body including all cultures in these new songs. One if my “JAMS” has that Caribbean style bounce to it. Music has always been my love. Growing up with older brothers who partied ALOT enhanced my love for music. I love many kinds. Not too fond of most country music but there are a few artists I like. So let’s Jam on whether at our meetings, Our gatherings, or just in our hearts. What is your favorite new song(s)? Can’t just say one so what’s your top ten? I do LOVE #20,27,53,57 (my jam)72,,76 (my other Jam), 84 (#1 jam)…81,129, and can’t leave out the 2 oldies…..139 and that tearjerkker 151 (that makes 12…sorry! Just love these new songs. They do something wonderfully in lifting my spirits. Then again Anita Baker’s song I Apologize hits a cord as well. That’s my R&B jam, and Luther Vandross. He’s gonna song at my wedding in New system. I know he will…lol


  4. Issac once again I was moved to tears reading your blog. I, like Daphne, love the theocratic songs. Especially the ones that accompany the monthly broadcast. My current favorite is “Just Around the Corner”.
    I look forward to learning to play the piano in the new world and I hope I can play a song you compose. Looking forward to collaborating with you then.
    Love Jessica


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