Every year Disney hosts an exciting  run that charges crazy amounts of money to run thru their park.  We reluctantly agreed to run  with Sophia and Jude for the Star Wars 5K.  I have to admit the serenity of Disneyland with no one in the park was enjoyable.  I would almost do it again.

Yes in the picture that is the moon in the sky as it was 5 am in the morning. I couldn’t help feeling a bit like a herd of cattle as we were corralled to commence the race, and I ask myself, “We paid for this?”.  Too early for my personal enjoyment.  Also the world of runners would agree that running on concrete and navigating thru people who have no intention of running, just posing for photo ops, can be a bit irritating.

Enticing as it may seem to run this race I couldn’t help to think of a much more important race so few choose,  the race for life.  It doesn’t require a hefty entry fee with limited access, just dedication and commitment.  The difference is we are running not with the masses but the opposite of so many.  Expect to be confused at times, as you feel alone. The truth is you are not.  But remember the goal is not a piece of metal, but a peace of mind medal which is of great value.

Post run I was happy to satisfy my hunger with a hearty breakfast.  Who doesn’t love a gluten free Mickey waffle?img_4357

Running I will do as long as my body will move, but running with the masses, I think I will save my running shoes for my race for life.



6 thoughts on “EXCITED TO RUN”

  1. Sweet! I loved your post! What a great comparison. I’m with you I want to race for life with you. Please keep writing. Your friend, Kathy


      1. Hi Isaac, I really enjoy your posts.. It helps so much for one to get to know the ” Inner you” and your love and appreciation for Jehovah and our hope for the near future. Keep them comming, your bro. Don P.


  2. I enjoyed this post Isaac. I ran a marathon a while back and had a similar thought of “I paid to do this??? Never again!” Haha. Although it was a very fulfilling experience crossing that finish line! Enough time has now passed to where I think I would do it again! Keeping on writing my brother, I enjoy the expressions.


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