Isaac in Tesla
Dad says I can drive his car as long as it’s on Autopilot!

Driving somewhere and not knowing where to go can cause a person frustration and dread. Each day in my mind I feel somewhat as if I am mentaly driving this way.   I often find myself distracted at life’s scenery and forget I am in the drivers seat.  All happens so fast I don’t even realize where I am going.  What helps me is writing goals and posting them where I see them when I wake up and when I go to bed. I am currently reflecting on “The only limitation is that which one sets up in one’s own mind”. 

I need encouragement at times to not give up.  Each day I give up prevents me from seeing real success.  Giving up after so much effort  is as to say my time and energy are a mere withering leaf blown away in the winter wind.   I would drown in my own tears if I didn’t keep going.   Freedom from negative thoughts is what I am reaching for.  Without these obliterators of success we can see daily progress and thus see more of success popping thru the terrain of our minds.  Will we endure or will we drive to a place we hopelessly desire to get out of?  Why do we drive aimlessly in life without even considering our destination and its especially dangerous neighborhood?  Would you choose to endure a prison cell or roam the planet as free adventurist? Seems like a no-brainer, but we do this to ourselves and then when the cell doors close wonder why and how we ended up there.  We are not planning our destinations in life with near as much thought and precision as we do our vacations. Vacations are temporary and yet planned with way more thought and consideration than our future.  What are you dreaming for yourself?  Or have you stopped dreaming all together?

Sometimes I wonder what trip I would love to plan.  I think I would start with Australia, swim with the sharks and turtles and catch the Australian Current all the way to Thailand.  I would eat Panang Curry until I couldn’t move and then off swimming and sailing to The Great Wall of China.  I would climb to the top and pretend I was in the Karate Kid 2 movie and control a cobra with my calm slow controlled movements.  Wandering close I decide to hike the forests of China and eat bamboo with a family of pandas. Sweet dreams of adventures can wake us up to possibilities of finding great joy and happiness.   I am seeing much sorrow in young people today and we have to start dreaming again.  We cannot give up on miracles, as miracles happen everyday.  Why not dream of seeing ourselves receiving a miracle of life, purpose, and joy.  We might just grant ourselves permission to find our dreams formulate into reality right before our eyes.  We must resist sweet sorrows turning our dreams into nightmares.  We can destroy our dreams without even realizing it.  Just keep seeing yourself enjoying a quality life despite our tragedy and struggles.  We may just be a world traveler in our minds today, but a real globe trekker in our future.

Your fellow dreamer,






11 thoughts on “DREAMERS”

  1. Thank you for this post. I realized that I too loved to dream. I must not forget that. There will be no end to possibilities in the new world.


  2. First Isaac, I love your smile in the last 2 pictures.
    Such nice reminders for me. To think deliberately about each days actions. Not just going through life but thinking about what I want to do with each day. I’m also dreaming of the time when I can travel the world
    I want to swim with dolphins and ride my horse. I want to try the fruit from every country. And welcome back my loved ones who have gone to sleep.
    Keep dreaming my friend. They will all come true shortly!

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  3. Isaac, As I was reading your Blog to ones in our car group yesterday, I had not a few comments from each one. Shawna had a few laughs about your dream trip to China, eating with Pandas. Stephanie said ,” I love his deep expressions & the words he uses to describe his intermost feelings!” Keep those Blogs coming. You are helping us back here in Oklahoma. We all need the encouragement!


  4. Yes you are spot on Izman. We really do have a tendency to put limits on ourselves and even loved ones that are completely unfounded. We love you, your brilliant mind and your family that is a source of great strength for us. Ace is definitely a dreamer and we want to encourage him to continue like you are doing – keep up the good work my hard working brother!

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  5. Hey Isaac! It was nice to meet you this week and get to know you a little bit. You should definitely come to Australia! I know a beach with some sharks you can swim at 😜 On your way to Thailand we would definitely recommend a stop over in Malaysia, they have some of the best foods we have experienced! As for me, I think you guys have imbedded the travel dream of Glaciers, snow capped mountains and whales. Looking forward to sharing more dreams when we are back in December – with another video of Peru that will include extensive backstory 😉


    1. I can’t wait very excited to hear the back stories! You both are amazing people with great spirit. I can only imagine a day with you in Peru. Looking forward to many journeys together and via social media. Your mate, Isaac


    2. Hey Isaac I just made a new video of one of our preaching trips in Peru and would love to send it to you and your family, but I can’t find anyone’s contact details! Could you please pass on your email address so i can send you the link? Thanks!


  6. Dear Isaac
    I love your posts. They make me think of things in a way I never thought of before. When we are young we have so many dreams but as we get older because of various challenges we quit dreaming. Your post help to motivate us to renew our dreams for the future. I hope you are having a great day!


  7. My dear brother Isaac, I am so encouraged by your blogs and appreciate your putting your thoughts on line for those who care about you. I look forward to the time when we can share our hopes an dreams together .keep up your blogs .. they are an encouragement to many… your brother Don Potter

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