Volunteering brings me joy!

Everyday I ponder what I can do to be a happier person.  While I am well aware of the Bible principle that “there is more happiness in giving than receiving”(Acts 15:28), I still am intrigued by how this works.  Of course there is a level of joy to see someone elated to receive your gift.  Yet the same joy is felt by the giver and the receiver even if the giver is anonymous.

Why does this alway work when the majority  of people are focused on getting, not giving.  Well just as sure as my book hits the floor as I drop it, governed by the law of gravity, the law of giving is just as predictable.    Each day we must capture a picture of what our day would look if it were a great day.  I am often surprised at the end of the day I have closely matched my picture of a good day.  Everyone’s interpretation of a good day is different.  I think you just give it your best and believe it is good enough for today.     Will we dream of being joyful? If so, then giving and generosity will always be present.  For dreams to experience themselves we have to have faith in ourselves and want to become something a little different with each breath and thought.  We continue to evolve into a greater being each moment we live life this way.  I think it boils down to either living for yourself or living to give.

I must admit I have much to learn and own when it comes to this principle.  But awareness is the first step.  Wanting to acknowledge our weaknesses and concentrating on better willingness to change is a step in the right direction.  A good friend once encouraged me to start seeing each day as one step on a journey of a thousand steps.  He encouraged me to ask myself daily, “Am I taking a step forward”,  and not focus on how many more steps are between me and my destination.     I am still very much stepping one day at a time.  Everyday I feel I am getting faster and more efficient in my steps.  Before you know it I will be running, so the steps then are nothing to accomplish.  We are so encouraged with progress and we neglect to recognize it unless it is major.  Let’s all encourage ourselves and others by acknowledging we took our steps forward today.  Life is a journey let’s enjoy all we see and experience along the way.





15 thoughts on “GIVING”

  1. Don’t stop! I really enjoy reading your blogs and are very happy that you express your thoughts to us who care to hear and are built up to know what Isaac is thinking… you are a great example and encouragement to your Bro/Sis in our congregation. Your Br. Don Potter


  2. Dear Isaac
    Your blog is a gift. It warms my heart and helps me to think in a encouraging and positive direction. Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the next one

    Your friend
    Kathy Hessling


  3. Isaac I was so excited to read another blog from you. I’ve missed them! I sometimes get discouraged when I think of all the changes I need to make but if I can just focus on one step at a time it’s more manageable.
    Looking forward to seeing what you write next.


  4. Isaac, please Don’t Stop your Blogs! I am loving the way you express yourself and letting us know what you are thinking helps me to know my Grandson better. There are so many Blessings in store for you in the near Future! Just around the corner. So keep giving us the encouragement we all need in these critical times. When I share these with my Friends, they are Amazed at your writing, so you are truly giving to all of us! Soon we will look back & not even think of the many steps we had to take to get to the place we will be at then. Love, Grandma


  5. Very Insightful Isaac. I could tell from your comment last night at meeting you were a deep thinker. I appreciate how you acknowledge the fact that everyone’s interpretation of what makes a “happy” day is different. It took me into my late thirties to understand perspective and you’re already clearly articulating it! Looking forward to catching up reading your other blogs.


  6. Your wisdom is beyond your years! Many don’t see this positivity! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouraging words. Keep up the good work in giving and sharing


  7. Good job, ya Iz! I guess that cart work might have been a little daunting at first, but I hope you loved it! I really do!


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