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What is help?  It means assistance of either thought or action.  The first step is recognizing you need assistance.  Then it requires the acceptance of such assistance.  Why is this important?  Without the acceptance or desire for help the game changing support could be right in front of you but never live because you didn’t follow the first two steps mentioned.

All of us need help at times.   I have come to the point where I am gratefully assembling a team of assistants to help reach goals I have placed before myself.  I am thrilled to share my new assistant with all my followers.  Her name is Kayleigh and she is one of the kindest positive people I know.  She will be assisting me with writing assorted deep content for my book.  She will also be helping me with research projects outside of the home.  Kayleigh is excited to join me on my journey and I couldn’t be happier to have such a believer and supporter on my team.  She has mastered a foreign language, spent time abroad and now she embarks on another adventure,  me.  She will not regret it.  I will make sure of that.




So as for my blogs,  I will continue to blog and post exciting personal stories and experiences, but will be fully focused on writing my book.  It is a biography and, of course, will share life lessons along with humor and excitement for life.



Joy is the second fruitage of the spirit listed in the bible of qualities we must cultivate (Galatians 5:22).  I am claiming joy as I embark into the unknown of my future.  Why is joy so vital when journeying  forward?  I am confident I can accomplish my goals, but how will I do it?  I have a choice to embrace the adventure or dread the struggle and work.  Who would you rather hike the Himalayas with, the joyful Isaac or the dreadful Isaac?  We must remember who we worship, the happy God (1 Timothy 1:11).  Sometimes the journey is the important part and not so much the destination.  Why waste time and energy with worry or dread?  We are all capable of much and with help from our Creator we are unshakeable.



Sunset on the Trail


9 thoughts on “HELP”

  1. This is beautiful and truly touched my heart! Your so right Isaac, we all need help and humility is needed. I truly enjoy reading your blog and look forward in your book! Continue to do amazing things and inspiring so many of us! Stay joyful!👍🏽

    P.s. Excellent choice on your new assistant!


  2. Hello Issac
    I am always touched by your ability to analyze and express your thoughts and feelings. Thank you for your blog and helping me to think deeper. I’m happy you have a new friend and helper and look forward to your book😃
    Your friend


  3. Isaac my brother, I’m so glad you will continue to blog and I’m looking forward to reading your book. I’m excited for you as you continue to reach goals. You have already reached so many and I’m so proud of you. You display such a good attitude. An attitude I would do well to imitate.
    Looking forward to hiking the Himalayas with you in the new world when we will be “nothing but joyful.”

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  4. Isaac, so happy to see another Blog & how exciting to hear of your future goals & having an assistant to work along with you! Writing is your gift!I agree, the journey is the important part & I feel you are confident to move forward, so GET STARTED! Grandma


  5. Wow! You are doing something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I typically get a few paragraphs into my “new book” and things get difficult. Haha. Maybe one day.

    Benjamin Franklin said “either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”

    Sounds like you’re doing both.

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