My story would depress even the strongest optimist.

My story is one of dark sorrow and empty sadness that is hollow.

Poisonous thoughts are what cause pain and depression.

Why does a person continue to choose to drink the glass of poison when a glass of love is just as easy to grab hold of?

I am emerging from the ashes of a troubled past.  Some say it is a miracle while others say,    “It is about time”.

How long must I want to see myself with love?

Depressing thoughts overwhelm me when I am on top of my game.

Feelings of helplessness are my crutches.  Pain is the ringing in my ears.

Each day is an obstacle course I must learn to navigate.

Fear of failure is my mountain to scale.

Promises of a new day keep me hopeful.

Battling with your negative mind is like warring with someone who knows all your weaknesses and shows no mercy.

The Bully that lies within your head is your worst enemy.

“I am nothing”, “I am hopeless”, “I am worthless”, are the bullets I continue to take.

Will I survive such brutality?

Will I be free of the Bully that lives inside of me?

Pray I am free and pray for all to be freed.

Love will always prevail if we choose it over hate.  This choice starts from within.

Good day my fellow warriors.  I am fighting until all negative thoughts perish.

Are you with me?

Love will prevail.  (1 Cor. 13:4-8A)





  1. Isaac you have touched my heart deeply. Your insight is amazing. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this pain. I think more people are fighting this bully than we know. My family knows the heartache that comes when we stop fighting and give in. Please keep fighting until Jehovah eliminates this enemy. I love you and look forward to the day when you can see yourself the way all who love you do.


  2. Isaac, One of your best qualities is Honesty. I appreciate how you are able to bring out your innermost feelings. We could all learn from your example. Expressing how we really feel inside is actually a big part of our healing. I am , as always, so proud of you & yes, soon, A NEW DAY FOR ALL OF US. So never give up. I am with you! You bring out the best in me !


  3. You are inspiring Isaac. So many of us battle within. Today is not a great day for me. Smiles on the outside. Tears within. But Jehovah always gets us thru by way of eachother and his amazing spiritual feasts. I can’t wait to sit and chat with you in the new system of how we all persevered. One foot in front of the other. Blessings galore.



  4. I’m always amazed and impressed with your blog not only is it thought provoking but so true of almost everyone. It’s very poetic. Nice pictures of you. Thank you and can’t wait for your next one😊Kathy


  5. Hello Isaac, I have watched your latest blog and am always happy to hear your innermost thoughts … your ability to express them the way you do helps us all to think in more positive ways ..may Jehovah continue to bless you and your beautiful family.. your bro, Don P.

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  6. Very poetic buddy.

    It reminded me of the apostle Paul’s words. “…but I see in my body another law warring against the law of my mind and leading me captive to sin’s law that is in my body.”

    It is the war within us that can cause great strife. It seems there are battles we need to fight more than once to win.



  7. Dear Isaac,
    Your words truly touch my heart, and I want you to remember that those cruel words and thoughts do not define you, because you are an amazing, kind, loving, and smart person. I know at times those thoughts may want to take captive of you but remember that actions speak lowder than words and based on the love you have for God, I know that God is proud of you and that is the greatest accomplishment. May God continue to bless your efforts, and remember when God is by your side you can conquer all things, especially those bad thoughts.


    1. So nice to hear from you. I really know you and your family are kind and loving people. Remembering we are not alone is such a great feeing. Each time I see your family I am reminded that there are people who care. Jehovah is always there for us and I agree with you, …”with God all things are possible”. (Matt19:26)


      1. Thank you so much Isaac for the response, I enjoyed hearing from you. We love you and your family very much! Your writing is so encouraging, keep up the good work!


  8. You really touch my heart with your amazing encouragement. Even when you are in your low points, you are still up building to all of us. Keep running the race my brother with your chin up while Jehovah leads the way to the fullfilment of the prophecy at Rev. 21:3+4
    We all love you our precious son


  9. Habibi, beautifully encouraging words that touched my heart, for I too, have felt the same. What a privilege to know our loving father Jehovah and trust his promises that soon, the former things will have passed away and never come up into our hearts again. And I can’t wait to hear your beautiful voice express all that your eyes say.


  10. Hi Isaac – you may not remember me but I knew you when you were a young child living in Delaware. To see you now as a young man and how well you write and express yourself is proof that you are successfully fighting the battle being fought from within. DON’T GIVE UP!! I have loved reading all the comments here… you have so many people who love you. Above all, the only one who truly knows the bully within is Jehovah, and I know you know that. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 62:8. I hope it will give you a small bit of relief when you need it most!!


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