IMG_0112      I hope everyone finds their Josie.  I am so grateful each week I get to see her and ride her.  She is so considerate, gentle, forgiving, and caring.  Some may think it impossible for a horse to be all these things, but she is.  She is beautiful in form and strength.  I am in love with this girl.  She is supportive and patient.  I am talking about my horse,  Josie.  She isn’t really mine but she makes me feel that way .  I am hoping she will always enjoy me as much as I do her. IMG_0146 Why do I love horses so much?  Horses are better than pills in a bottle to calm your heart and soul.   Trying to push myself to be more independent I am.  She motivates me because I see what my life might be like if I was able to care for a horse of my own.  Horses are  motivation in a world of false hope.   They never disappoint.  Prancing high above our fears and worries they carry us thru our pain to a place of being.  Happiness emerges when we feel safe and laughter and joy abound.

Josie wasn’t trained to help people like me but she chose to accept her role in being a gateway to independence.  Will she know how important she has been to me?  I’m sure she understands I love her, but how much, how could she?  It doesn’t effect a moment of her riding to wait for praise or credit.  It is just what she has chosen do.  That is true giving.  I hope we all find a Josie in our life, whether equine, feline, canine, or human.  Perhaps we can be a Josie to someone as well.

A horseman,



*Special thanks to Sherry at Hoofprints in Orange Park Acres for her amazing equine program.

9 thoughts on “FINDING JOSIE”

  1. Isaac, I am so happy you found Josie! Whether it be a horse, a cat, a dog or any other domestic animal that we happen to bond with , they become something special to us! The way we feel & treat our dear ones tells what kind of person we really are on the inside. I appreciate Sherry at Hoofprints also, for the time & patience she has spent with you & your siblings! Oh, in the Future you will have your own horse & care for it! Since that is one of your desires, it will be satisfied! Love you!


  2. Isaac, I am so happy that you found something so special to you. Josie sounds amazing, and you are such a great person, please keep writing your beautiful blogs they always tuch my heart! Always keep up the good work!


  3. I’m glad that finding Josie is helping you to achieve your goals and find a measure of peace and calm, Isaac. I didn’t love horses–everyone I knew with a horse when I was little had them for farm and ranch work, not pleasure–until I met a horse named “Yella” that was so so sweet and loved to be around humans so so much. He was hilarious! And, I wish I’d met him sooner. Jehovah gave us and the earth domestic animals to bring us joy and make us happy.


  4. Hi there Isaac!! It’s Sami! I worked with you in Hindi service. My mom is showing pictures of you to my brother. I’m so excited to have you meet my brother, Saeed one day! Can’t wait to see your next entry!!


  5. Hello Isaac!

    I am so excited to start reading your blogs. I knew you as a little boy, but distance has kept us from you all these years. I love how eloquent and open you are in your blog! I can relate to these feelings you have for Josie! I feel the same way about my chihuahua that just passed away of 17 years. You met her when you were very young. So I doubt you would remember, but now I just got two huskies. They fill a place in my heart for the children I never got to have. Plus they calm my loneliness. I’m so glad that you found your Josie. Jehovah is so kind to give us these loving animals that can be our family.
    I look forward to reading more of your blogs! I would love to get to know the young man now, that I knew as a little cute boy 17 years ago. Also, I wanted to tell you, parents were a beautiful example of Jehovahs loving care to me as I made my way back to him! I will always be grateful.


  6. What a beautiful post about Josie. I am here with Emily and Nancy Crow and they were sharing the story about your blog. So we read it and now we’re are crying! So beautiful! Looking mg forward to having a Horse like Josie in the paradise! Thank you for your beautiful writing ability!


  7. Oh Isaac! I loved this post. I completely understand how much a “Josie” can impact your life. My “Josie” is my dog Lexi. I’ve cried tears on her coat when I lost my sister and she calmed my heart. Please keep up your beautiful posts. You have quite a gift.


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