Pressure.  It seems everyone has pressure in their lives today.  Pressure to fit in, pressure to perform, pressure to have friends, everyone seems to have a level of pressure that is almost a breaking force to their joy in life.  But not all pressure is bad.  For example, under intense pressure we see  beautiful diamonds formed. The powerful result of positive peer pressure  can cause us to reach new heights in our lives we may have not been strong enough to do on our own.  Yet under intense pressure we see an entire world of people struggle to meet life’s expectations.  I am sure a certain amount of pressure is good for us, keeping us moving and changing and growing.  Yet some levels of pressure can paralyze our thinking and make us feel like we are failures and want to give up.

What is the difference between positive pressure and negative pressure?  It is often the motive.  Good motives create good results and the opposite occurs with bad motives creating bad results.  A perfect example of this is a bitter attitude towards life. It will only poison our present gift of life and spoil our outlook on each little miracle of the day.  Miracles, you may ask.  What miracles?  The sun coming up every morning, the birds chirping, the gentle breeze, the masterpiece the sun paints every evening for us to enjoy.  Did you see the sun today?  Did you hear the birds?  Are you going to look for the sun’s suprise artwork this evening?  These gifts are ours to remind us of what we have to be thankful for.  It is these things we draw from to relieve the pressure this world bombards us with.IMG_4823

I often wonder what life would be like without this intense pressure weighing down on me everyday.  I would imagine it to be so liberating as if a veil has been removed from our vision.  My concern is how to find the peace of mind to keep this veil off.  I believe we must pay attention to the little miracles that are happening everyday right in front of our eyes.  Fear is what blinds us of what is right in front of us.  How are the miracles in your life affecting you?  Sometimes a simple flutter of a butterfly or a dash of a hummingbird is all it takes to remind me of how fortunate I am to have been able to witness such a miraculous creature in nature.  Will we crumble under pressure or will we soar like the eagles?  I personally prefer the perspective of an eagle.  Fear is the downfall of so many of us.  Why not see life through the eyes of gratitude instead.  The view is much better up here.


For now,




23 thoughts on “Pressure”

  1. Isaac,
    Loved your Blog! We can all benefit from those wise sayings if we apply it in our lives each day. Thank you for those reminders! Loved those Pics also! Keep the Blogs coming! I as well as many others have missed reading them!
    Love, Grandma


  2. Nice blog, Isaac. Love your pictures, as usual!
    We are all under pressure in this world. Taking the time to consider creation and our Creator – someone who truly cares about us – certainly helps. Love you very much.😚


  3. Yikes! Even the word “pressure” sounds weighty and uncomfortable. What I have learned in my life that I’m only under pressure when I choose to be. That way it may mean I have to get going, but it’s my choice so it’s doesn’t weigh heavily on my being.

    Know how to & how not to commit, and what to commit to, and what not to commit to. Throw some knowing when to commit and not to in there as well. I promise this knowing takes a lot of pressure off.

    Ask yourself: What would an eagle do??? Thanks for sharing!


  4. Interesting post Issac. I’ve read in the past that pressure is a privilege.

    The author gave a few reasons for this stating that pressure makes us better. You’ve read that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone? In many cases, it’s pressure that pushes us out of that comfort zone.

    It also challenges us to stay honest forcing us to think creatively and problem solve on demand. It’s good to almost view pressure as an opportunity to test our ability to think on our feet with in the confines of the rules (if not and we just give in to the easiest option, then pressure won’t make us better) But if use it as the catalyst to try ever-harder, to win (and lose) bigger and to experience the full range of feelings that life has to offer us, then in that light, pressure really is a privilege.

    Love your posts. They challenge me to think deeper. Keep up the good work.


  5. Dear Isaac,
    Your words are so encouraging, and is such a great reminder for all of us to not allow the negative pressures of this world to take us captive. We should never allow the negative pressures of this world to define us, instead we should always remember to look at the miracles in this world and be thankful for everyday we have. And I am so great full to have you as friend, and I enjoyed seeing you this past weekend. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading your next blog.


  6. Isaac, I am very happy that you decided to write this amazing blog! Every word that you said is absolutely true, and in order to escape the bad pressure we face today, we need to enjoy all the small things in life, and that could make a big difference in our attitude and who we choose to be, like how you talked about the sun and nature when we study and meditate on these great creations it can really put a smile on our face. I love looking at the miracle of a lake, thinking about how something so simple and beautiful can hold thousands of lives under the water, it amazes me! I always enjoy reading all of your blogs, they encourage me so much and it make my day knowing that I have a awesome friend like you, so please continue! Looking forward to your next post!!


  7. Hello Isaac, I am quite pleased and so encouraged by your seem able to grasp the deeper meaning and more important reasons for the beautiful earth that our God Jehovah has given us to enjoy. At this time our appreciation may be limited because the way the world is ..but soon God’s will …will be done on earth. Again I thank you for such a positive encouraging blog. Your Brother, Don Potter


  8. Beautiful thoughts, I’m sure you’re told this often but I’ll say it anyway, you have no idea how encouraging you are to others mate. Your character and wit, how you see things, it’s great! Life keeps us all so busy we let things pass us by and you often pick up on, or mention these, that thoughtfulness and the determination you show on a daily basis, it’s wonderful to see. Completely agree, pressure to a certain extent is a positive force of nature. Thank you 🙂


  9. Thank you so much for the reminder to pause and reset. We really do have to pay enough attention to Jehovah’s daily miracles to allow us to let go of the negative. And constant prayer…… that surely helps me to move past the negative……. and watching you always fighting the fine fight of the faith! You are an amazing young man with amazing thoughts, please don’t stop sharing, you have within you the ability to make such a difference to those who will stop long enough to see the miracle of you!


  10. 😃 ahhhh, it’s a great relief to think of the many beautiful miracles in our lives.

    Yesterday, I had a day of complex pressures. The miracle of the day which gave me deep serenity was to look up into the sky. I saw the blue sky high up and mounting it was various colors and shapes of clouds. To try to look as deep and closely as possible, assured me the creator of this miracle will relief me.


  11. Isaac, thank you for writing this blog. Your words were a beautiful reminder for me to not allow the pressures and fears, that we may at times feel to be unbearable, overcome us. I am so happy that I started off my morning reading your uplifting words. It is all too easy to allow ourselves to forget how blessed we are to even be able to experience the little miracles of every day. As you mention, we do need pressure to a certain extent in order to become diamonds. Thank you for being so encouraging. I strive to look at life through your glowing lens of positivity and gratitude. Keep up the great work, I eagerly look forward to your next blog! 🙂


  12. The pressure of life can be a struggle for some. You look at it in a positive light and have expressed how it has helped you. A lot of us haven’t thought about the positives pressure brings. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiration to help others.


  13. Isaac I was so thrilled to hear you had another post and as usual you made me think deeply.
    I was recently the recipient of pressure from my children to do something that scared me a lot. It turned out to be an amazing experience. I did something way out of my comfort zone and it was awesome.
    Thank you too for the reminders to slow down and notice the miracles around us daily.
    Please don’t stop sharing your thoughts and feelings. I love you more and more with every post.
    Sisterly love


  14. Isaac,
    This is beautiful! Thank you for your encouraging words. How grateful I am to be part of your family. What a wonderful new cousin to have! I look forward to reading more in the future. I agree with Aunt Nell also. The pictures are awesome! Lots of love!


  15. Isaac,
    So encouraging to read this! The pressures of this world can constantly bring us down but it’s so nice to see you staying so positive. I love you and may Jehovah continue to bless you and your efforts. Can’t wait to see you again!


  16. I couldn’t agree with you more! Unfortunately in this world we live in now, we have needed to use these pressures to help us grow, but that was not our original purpose, motivation and purpose is different from pressure. I prefer to soar like an eagle too! Enjoying the world with the perspective on our real world and future. All to help us survive now till we get to the real life! Keep writing and inspiring!


  17. Great thoughts Isaac! We have a lot to be thankful for, just need to take a moment to look around and observe how our Creator takes care of us. Keep soaring my friend you’re a real source of encouragement to me!


  18. Your comments made me think of Paul’s shipwreck. Some swam to shore afterwards, but others clung to a plank. A brother asked, “What was your plank today?” What saved us today? What did Jehovah use to help us get through the day or overcome a trial? I love that the Draw Close to Jehovah book said that we should that Jehovah everyday for His goodness. Whatever pressure we’re under–positive (the need to breath) or negative (the need to get away from discouraging) circumstances–Jehovah helps us out.
    Thanks for your post. (Sorry that I just read it.)


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