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                                                      Dan The Sea Captain

Dan is the Captain of a band of boarder collie misfits who set sail just off the coast of California in search of the lost at sea Prince Iz-Man.
At sea the ship endured much turbulence. Each day at sea was valuable to the life of our dear prince. Iz-Man meant the world to Dan as he was once the prince’s dog of choice. Having a childhood fever the young prince made Dan his best friend and translator. The young prince had muted his voice out of sorrow for his life as it had been. Dan was his only joy in his present life. Just as they started to live happily came a jealous Sea Monster envious of their joy. Life shifted when the Sea Monster swept our dear young nobleman out to sea during his daily swim. Dan immediately mustered up a group of hunting dogs to motion a rescue of his loyal friend who had become his world.
Not under the turbulent sea would anyone dare sail but Dan. He searched night and day for his nobleman. Having sailed the sea he moved to the most dreaded South Pacific. Life would be sour as he would have to sneak out his nobleman from the hands of the Sea Monster. More than strength, love moved him to never give up. Rescue was the only mission with soul. So he turned on his team of trackers to test the Sea Monster.
sea-monster-2Surprisingly, they found the Sea Monster hiding much like Sea Monsters do in a cove in the deep South Sea. Love was so strong that jealousy could not see the light of day.
The Sea Monster was sleeping so sound the boarder collies sneaked past him unnoticed. They quickly grabbed the young prince and hurried to their ship. One collie accidentally stepped on the toe of the Sea Monster and woke him up. The Sea Monster then noticed his prince was gone and started to chase the pack of dogs as they scurried onto their ship with the young prince by their side. Inches past the reach of the Sea Monster the ship caught a strong wind sweeping it out to sea.


Fearing the Sea Monster would follow, Captain Dan had ordered a barrier of sharks waiting that the Sea Monster not dare cross. Dan’s sweet special Prince was safe again.isaacs-book-ship-2
Some say the Sea Monster still exists, but as long as Prince Iz-Man has Captain Dan at his side he no longer fears life or anything in it. Hope and happiness was then restored and healed the young prince.


Written by Isaac Dzama

May 2015

Every year in school we are required to write a short story.  Little did I know just three months after writing this I would receive my service dog, Barris.  We may not sail together but he is certainly my dog of choice.




Santa Catalina Island is a unique island off the coast of southern California.  After seeing it from my neighborhood for eight years I finally got to travel by boat to see it.

img_9683      Catalina Island is known for its pristine harbor with boats of many shapes and sizes.  I found the harbor to be my favorite place on the island.

We went snorkeling at Lover’s Cove which was enjoyable except when the underwater submarine kept blowing its horn at me as if it owned the cove.

img_9673      We did take an open air jeep tour with the Catalina Island Conservancy, which I really enjoyed.


The encounter with the mighty buffalo was certainly  what we wanted to see high up on the mountainside, and the buffalo did not disappoint.  These creatures are quite interesting to see up close with their fuzzy ears and woolly maned heads.

So what do these mighty creatures tell us?   Eco systems are not meant to be disturbed,  as Catalina buffalo are proof of that. I was on the inner interior of the island and could see the struggle the integrated eco system has on native plants and animals.  The eco system is so delicate the slightest interference can completely change the appearance and  the island itself forever.

What are we doing to preserve places that are unique and interesting like Catalina?  I wonder what Laguna Beach water would have looked like and how many different kinds of fish and kelp were there 60 years ago?  Much of what we do to the environment resembles a waterfall.   What we see on the surface is often all that is recognized or valued.  Underneath is an entire world of dependent eco systems.  If we redirected the waterfall it may make new eco systems but leave the old one vanished for good. Can we take that chance with certain habitats?

Humans are similar to eco systems.  Understanding we are delicate creatures of habitats ourselves, we must respect how much we alter ourselves with medications and surgeries. The result of abrupt change, without supporting the other areas of codependency we have neglected to consider, could result in us forever being unbalanced or unsupported.  I know my own self and sometimes I am left under-supported neurologically when my routine or lifestyle is suddenly drastically altered.  Sometimes the changes are not controllable, like the buffalo who refused to be relocated off the island of Catalina after a movie shoot.  What then?   Each scene is one that must be given serious thought as to the interruption of normalcy.  We see the work of the conservancy and are grateful for their work of preserving such a landmark as Catalina.  What conservancy do we attempt for ourselves?  img_9691

Seeing us as buffalo roaming a strange place isn’t that far off from how I picture myself.  I can’t expect the whole world to adapt into a new world just for me, but small changes and appreciation for who we are will sweeten the environment for changes that benefit all.   Some of us will remain and some of us will fade away as if their waterfall was redirected and they anticipated no change .  Time has no mercy for those who expect no change. So are you a Catalina bison or sea kelp?  Each is beautiful to look at, but one has been there as long as we know and the other claimed its mark in recent history. Both contribute to the attraction and beauty of Catalina.  Don’t we want to see them both?  Remember with change we grow.img_9562






img_9525As we move on to different stages in our growth, maturity and possibilities, we at some point have to decide who we want to be and what we stand for.  There is much controversy today over our rights and what or who we pledge our allegiance to. So much so that we understand what we say and do reflects our deepest allegiance. Everyone expresses this in some form or another whether consciously or subconsciously.  Work, money, power, greed, notoriety, or government, all claim a place for our allegiance. What have you claimed by your actions and life to be yours?

Not everything is worth our allegiance.  I must confess the only thing truly worthy of such action is the Creator of all things.  Other than our God Almighty, what must we pledge our lives and very existence to?  Just recently I was honored to express my dedication to live my life in support of the highest power and one who governs with love, justice, power, and wisdom.  I have wanted to do this for several years.  When you are not talking you tend to listen keenly and observe much. To my special circumstances I am grateful to be able to make my own decision.  If you are not sure who you give allegiance to,  just think of what you spend the most time and energy on and what you think about all the time.  I am often thinking about the future when I will not have the struggles I have today.  I try my best everyday to reach attainable goals and leave the rest to faith in a better world ahead thru the rule of God’s kingdom.  Doesn’t require tests or pills,  just loyalty and faith. Doing is equal to reality in our belief.  What do I mean?  Our lives reflect what is important to us.  So we may claim something is important but what are we doing?

I don’t know anything more trustworthy than to ally with the Creator of all things.  No one is more deserving nor more powerful than the designer and the former of all things that exist (Rev. 4:11).  My outward expression of full allegiance is my decision and based on much study and thought.  Not so easy for someone like me to do, but I did it,  and I am happy and grateful and feel I have purpose.

Jehovah God, our Creator and Almighty being,  has the ability to see our potential despite our limitations.  He is the “God of all comfort” (2 Cor. 1:3,4), and who doesn’t need comforted?    All of you who encouraged me and came to support me whether physically, virtually, or in spirit, I thank you.

You have helped me reach an important milestone in my life.  It is just the beginning…



To learn more about comfort click here.


Me wearing my Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Kind of interesting how many times I am asked, what  am I listening to in my headphones.  I am not listening to music, or anything piped into my headphones.  It is actually peaceful white noise that simply takes the edge off my poor overstimulated auditory system.  I am  so sound sensitive sometimes a person’s breathing bothers me.  I am so sensitive I don’t pay attention to one conversation but tune into several, as much as eight to ten at a time.  Try juggling that in your brain on any given Sunday.  I am hearing not just the words but also the emotions in the tones of people’s voices. There is so much pain it is hard to carry at times, but I soldier on knowing that I have only the power to hear but not the power to heal.

Just when I get calm something else will distract me and I am in this vicious cycle of overload.  I am wishing for more peace but the world doesn’t seem to hear ME, ironically.  How do I take all this bombardment of information?  I have to be very selective of what my mind dwells on.  Only good comes from good thoughts and bad comes from dwelling on the bad thoughts, whether they are yours or someone else’s.  I am grateful for positive thinkers and family who are always guarding their thoughts and words around me.  Maybe they are listening after all.  Knowing how my brain is presently functioning will hopefully help people understand me and others they see either wearing their noise canceling headphones or archaically plugging their ears with their fingers.  Just speak softly and kindly to us.  We will respond so much better.  You can then see us as we really are inside.

You interpret us by how we behave under such stressful environments yet without the sound chaos we are just like you, except our minds still run at 10 times the speed of most.  Everyone wants to be a genius, yet I’m saying it comes at a price not many of us would willingly  pay.  For those of us who have been gifted, just remember we might return it if we could.

I am so personally excited to share how it feels to be sound sensitive,  I will find your comments most enjoyable.  So please send a comment.


Your friend,

Me and my pal, Barris




Isaac Barris

I have been reflecting on what real love means.  I am sure that love is the highest power of the universe.   I love the way it feels when I receive it.  I wonder what the paradise the Bible describes will FEEL like to have love without limits.  I see animals and people often limit themselves in receiving love because of fear.  Remove the fear and you have love without limits.

I am only a small person in this world but I certainly know the feeling of love and am convinced that any problem, big or small, can be remedied with it.  Jealousy can rob us of joy and prevent us from seeing the love that is right in front of us.  Jealousy is the root of so much pain.  I can be jealous sometimes of little kids who are learning to speak out of their mouths with so little effort.  I then start to unfavorably compare my ability to speak with my mouth and joy eludes me.

Isaac sitting with BarrisKnowing the future is bright with much promise and hope will give us the positive gratitude needed to win in the battle of our minds and negative influences.  I am challenging all my readers to list three things they are grateful for and send me their comments.  You will encourage yourself with the positive thoughts and also encourage all who read them.

Personally how do you live without limits?  My “easy going” personality is “ok” sometimes,  but I need more “oomph” to motivate me to accomplish more in a day or a typing session.  How do you take what you need and get rid of what you have too much of?  Undertones of what we need are often reflected in the friends or mates we choose.  I am opposite of so many people so I can choose from a smorgasbord of different strengths in people around me.  Nonetheless, breaking the cycle of old habits can be hard.  I only hope I can find a life with out limits in my own wishes and desires, which form my tomorrow.  In regards to our weaknesses, our minds seem to have little restrictions to the amounts we think about.  But somehow the thoughts of a life without limits seems impossible or even naive.  How deceiving this world has jaded our hopes and dreams.

In this world small changes can often have gigantic results.  I remember when I was creeping and crawling everyday to retrain and organize my brain.  The changes in my brain  seemed nonexistent at the time, yet later became evident it was substantial.  I wouldn’t change one meter of that program.  In fact, I have often thought about doing it again to see what results I would get now.    In this world, effort is rewarded by intention.  If intention is pure , then the result is usually positive, even though it may not be evident in the way or time you expected it.  Companies and brains are similar in that it requires management in each department, with our goals managed and met. The real key is to constantly set new levels of goals that push the limits to a place that feels as if you have none.  I would call that a successful operation.  I have had to have a complete restructuring of certain areas of my brain.  Others have had to be replaced with new CEO’s as the previous vision was too limited.  I still need some true internal restructuring in my brain.  People so often only see what is on the outside, so it is up to us to know what needs adjusted and motivated on the inside.  Will peaceful open words leave us motivated to live life without limits in regards to love?  I hope so.  I am trying to remove limits for myself everyday.

I am grateful for the life IIMG_1888 have and long for the day when we can live a life without limits.




Coming up next………”Why I Wear My Headphones”.




I recently moved into a new house and I really love it, yet I struggle with getting out of the way of my own success.  Much of my day is spent eagerly looking forward to typing.  I mostly enjoy the process of thoughts flowing smoothly into words that resonate with people.  Only people have the ability to respond to readings such as a blog.  I wish I could blog Barris’ thoughts.  Oh wouldn’t that be touching and humorous at the same time?  What makes us innately so different than animals?  I have wondered this not from an evolutionary standpoint but more from a thinking analytic standpoint.  I openly express my belief in God and a Creator, yet I still ponder these questions.  I am perplexed at this question, mostly because so many of us never take the time to ponder answers to the questions we do not already know the answers to.  I suggest we let nature answer us with its high hum of wisdom.  Open your eyes and ears to what the birds tell you.  I am still in awe of the melody they sing everyday.  Pondering over their purpose of such joy in song, I wonder, am I living as I am supposed to?  I might know how I am living, but how I was meant to live may surprise me.

I would love to travel in space.  I would love to design my own intergalactic transport.  It is possible if our minds can dream it.  Our minds are windows into the future.  What is your future?  I wonder about mine a lot.  I just keep praying for answers and taking one positive step everyday trying to see the future as a safe and purposeful one.  I am confident I get answers to my prayers not just in life but also in my thoughts about my future.  This requires dismissing negative thoughts that seem to be told as reality, yet are only lies and deception.  In my case, it is “you are not smart” or “you don’t get it do you?”.  For others it may be “you are not worthy” or “you are not loved”.  But those are all lies.  We are as successful as we believe we are.  If we believe we are valuable, then we live a life of value.  If we are purposeful, we live a life with purpose?  Reflect on your life now and if you are not satisfied ask yourself , “What do I need to change?”.  It may just be our attitude.  Growing up in a world full of bullies and criticism isn’t always a day at the beach.  Yet, we can just put our minds at the beach when those thoughts or people try to bring our thoughts down.  Understanding our future really helps us stay positive.

I am personally finding great joy and satisfaction from writing about things I am passionate about.  What are your passions?  I enter a new field when I hear beautful music by Mozart or great composers like him.  Sweet streams of water also make my mind stream away from painful sounds.  I hear birds chirping right now and I am sure they are telling me to join them outside on this beautiful day.

In this day and time we all must see ourselves living not like we have in the past but one step in the right direction towards the life of our dreams.

Everyday ,or on every reality of a day ,we need to live with purpose.  I am still finding my full potential as I am confident I have not fulfilled my full purpose yet.  I have a 92 year old Grandma and she still lives with purpose and that is wonderful!

Everyone needs great moments to look forward to.  I need it just like you.  What will we do to make greatness happen?  I wonder if I were the way I was meant to be, would I be that much different or better?  Better as far as communicating with my mouth not my laptop, maybe.  But somehow I think I am better as a result of my extra mile or two added to my marathon of life.  It is only a race to finish, not against the world.  I am confident each of us can finish our race of living with purpose if we just never give up!

I hiked on the trail in our neighborhood today and saw whales migrating from where I was standing.  I can only say we are blessed to even observe such living creatures.  May all of us reach our full potential one step at a time.

Your friend,


My buddy, Barris





IMG_1148   I recently took my first flight with Barris, my service dog, to visit my Grandparents in Oklahoma.  It was flawless.  I am confident without my special friend we would have missed our flight.  Thanks Barris!


January is a busy month as we are a trying to move.  I am excited to be moving back to the ocean.  I know Barris will love walking on the trail.  I am realizing a lot that where you choose to spend your time  says a lot about what kind  of life you live.   I love the ocean as it is calming to watch and to listen to.  I think it is like music for the soul to dance with in your mind.  Everyone needs to dance the rhythm of life in some way,  whether it’s to the rhythm of the wind in the trees or the open plains.  I find too many people are choosing to occupy their thoughts with other peoples motions like tv or movies.  It doesn’t make sense to hear the rhythms of life via intellegent masterminds of media.  I want everyone to slow down and find their own rhythm of life to dance to.  It is beautiful and personal and love.